A STAND IN THE PARK (RICHMOND, North Yorkshire.)


    We Stand for Freedom

    A stand in the PARK unites people in 100's of parks all over the world every SUNDAY MORNING
    10 - 11 A. M.
    local time.

    Everyone Welcome!

    Join us every SUNDAY 10 A. M. at: -
    Friary Gardens, RICHMOND, North Yorkshire.
    (Opposite Wetherspoons.)

    A Stand in the Park
    Friary Gardens, Richmond, North Yorkshire
    Email: asitp@sdoof.biz

    Information: -

    1. Head to Friary Gardens, RICHMOND, North Yorkshire, between 10 - 11 A. M.
    2. Wear yellow in unity (if you can).
    3. We stand, we chat, and  we make friends.
    4. It is a stand, not a protest.
    5. We Stand for personal truth and freedom.
    6. Rain, hail, cyclone, Christmas day ... We Stand!

    For more information check out:

    As of the 15th March 2022: -

    • Members: 100,000
    • Parks: 1,000
    • Countries: 20
    • Every week more and more people join 'A Stand in the Park' and if you're reading this, you are welcome too... 

    We ‘Stand in the Park’ to celebrate freedom, diversity, and fairness for all.




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