• What is CBDC

    What is CBDC? 

    CBDC = Central Bank Digital Currency 

    Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a digital programmable currency.

    Government's globally it seems in 2023/24 will attempt to introduce CBDC's

    This video explains how CBDC's will work...

    Click here to view the VIDEO...

  • World Premiere: Died Suddenly

    World Premiere: Died Suddenly
    By: Stew Peters

    Under 7 Days and this VIDEO already has excess of 8 million views... 

    Click the link here: Died Suddenly: The Video

  • Am I wrong to question everything

    Question Everything 

    What happens if our credit score is being scored by a bankrupt organisation?

    What happens if the fabric of time has been knitted weaved and spun?
    And has been wrapped around the earth and encapsulates the sky at night
    And the stars we see are holes in the fabric, we’re the light outside shines in?

    Am I wrong to question everything?

    What happens if our central bank stops doing its job?
    What happens if banknotes stop being secure, because of over printing?
    What happens if global stable pricing turns to hyperinflation?
    What happens if safe and sound banks prevent you having your money?
    What happens if the resilient financial system becomes weak rigid and stiff?

    Am I wrong to question everything?

    What happens if the World Economic Forum infiltrates right at the top, Global Companies, Charities and secret organisations?
    Do you think the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, could infiltrate every Countries Government too?

    Am I wrong to question everything?

    What happens if Global warming and climate change is nothing but a scam?
    What happens if The Great Reset is nothing but an extremist doctrine? 
    What happens if the World Economic Forum is nothing more than a terrorist organisation created by the worlds richest men?

    What do you think might happen if we lay down and let them win?

    Am I wrong to question everything?

  • Shocking Breaking NEWS!

    Here is what really is in the Vaccines...

    SHOCKING NEWS - Here is what really is in the VACCINES!!!

    Keep well
    Keep safe
    Keep positive 

  • The Bedale Good Life Project

    The Bedale Good Life Project 
    SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER 2022 | 10am - 4PM

    A FREE to enter day of fun filled adventure, for the entire family... 

    Big Sheep Little Cow Farm
    North Yorkshire
    DL8 1AW

    Tel: 01677 422125
    Email us: enquiries@farmattraction.co.uk