We deliver within a 5 mile radius of RICHMOND: -
Monday - North 
Tuesday - East 
Wednesday - South
Friday - West
We request orders placed at the very least mid-day the day previous to delivery...

Our delivery area covers: -

Richmond and surrounding villages... 
For more information simply email


We are Sdoof: -
Sdoof pronounced SDUFF – like Stuff but change the T to a D and there you have it.

We are a small organisation with a deep soul connection with family, community and our favourite subject, food. Our family history going back over three generations beginning in the 1950’s with a mobile shop supplying Catterick Garrison troops and residents with grocery products, and therefore it seems to make sense that we believe the food industry is were we feel at home.

Times have changed

From the 1950's to the 2020's so much has changed, but one thing we don't want to change is delivering a great local service, exceptional quality and at prices that everyone can appreciate.  


The value of a small business said John Harrison "A local business is only a local business if it serves the community."


Our team at Sdoof continually asks what can we do that serves the community and to that end we have integrated payment structures that encompass Cash, Crypto Currency and Roses 



If you are in the enviable position to have an over supply of  fruit/vegetables at anytime of the season, drop us an e-mail or give us a call as we'd be happy to discuss working together to either buy or trade with you, ensuring where possible local food goes to local people... 

What are Roses?

Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS), are friendship networks which create value by exchanging goods and services, using a complementary currency - ours is the rose.

This online system connects up existing groups and helps to create new local networks. Membership is open to all individuals and organisations in North Yorkshire.

Here you can view the Directory, maintain a personal Profile, post your Offers & Wants, contact other members to arrange Trades, send Invoices, make Payments, organise Socials, build your own Local Network, provide Feedback, and help to run the Scheme.


For more information about Roses check out this website: -